Beringer Brothers Book 1

A year after her mother’s death, Acacia is still devastated by her loss and hasn’t returned to university as a result, so when an on-the-job disaster brings ultra-sexy billionaire Grant Beringer to her rescue, Acacia can hardly believe it. She wants so badly to trust him, to pick up the pieces of her life, but something about him whispers of secrets withheld. Can she trust him with her shattered heart?

When Grant sees Acacia Foster for the first time, it’s under less than flattering circumstances, but she has a certain “something” that intrigues him. His father’s pressure to settle down grates on Grant’s nerves, and he’s determined to do it on his own terms, but finding a woman he loves who can also love him — bear-shifting and all — has so far proven impossible. Could she be the mate he’s been searching for? Can she ever forgive him for hiding his true nature?

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I enjoyed the story!

This is a very good book!

It’s a good short read!


Beringer Brothers Book 2

Twenty-six-year-old Kellie Adams lives at home with her father and works as a waitress. It seems that everyone else around her is getting their happily-ever-after and she begins to wonder if she will ever find hers.

Holden is the youngest of the Beringer brothers and is tired of not being taken seriously by his family. He is determined to live life his way and prove that he is a better man than his Father believes he is.
When he meets the talented and sweet Kellie Adams he is faced with feelings he has never had before.

Will Kellie and Holden overcome the things keeping them apart?

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Fantastic read!

I would recommend this book!

A delightful read and a pleasure!

The storyline drew me in!