Forbidden Mates
Shifter Series

Forbidden Mates

Forbidden Mates Shifter Series Book 1

Following your own rules can be dangerous.

White tiger shifter and FBI Agent Julie Williams is transferred to a new shifter task force against her wishes where she meets the tall, dark and mysterious Xander Bachman. Instantly, she finds herself drawn to him. When someone turns up dead, Williams and Bachman are put on the case, only to find out something sinister and unexpected is happening to shifters. Julie suspects Xander of knowing more than he is letting on.

Handsome FBI Agent Xander Bachman is not what he appears to be and knows that those around him are suspicious of him. He has a secret that he’s afraid to share, and connections that are more dangerous than even he could have ever imagined. He is instantly attracted to Julie and wonders what she thinks of him.
How will his secret affect a relationship with her? Will he do the right thing and tell Julie and his FBI boss exactly what this secret is? And will it be in time to save more shifters from dying?

What readers
are saying:

The storyline was intense!

Terrific story!

Exciting and intriguing!

Forbidden Mates Exiled

Forbidden Mates Shifter Series Book 2

Following your heart can be deadly.

White tiger shifter and FBI Agent Julie Williams has finally acknowledged her feelings for sexy FBI Agent and vampire Xander Bachman. The couple, along with Oroc, an ancient Pure One Vampire are in a race against time to stop the oncoming conflict between Shifters and Pure One Vampires.

Under threat of death, Julie and Xander have no choice but to get as far away from Portland as they can – and fast. Their exile takes them to Europe and leads them on an entirely new path, while Oroc has an adventure of his own that ties Julie and Xander together in a way that even they didn’t expect.

What readers
are saying:

Wow! I LOVED this book!

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