Prince of

Luna Lavender is the daughter of a powerful love witch, who specializes in spells and potions for her wealthy human clients. But Luna has no interest in helping out rich bored celebrities with her magic.

She is set to choose a special project for a year to finish her magical education. Luna has decided to follow her father’s path, by studying the strange traditions of the Embers. The embers are a notoriously rude and rowdy bunch of fire warlocks.

Luna arrives at the ember’s community intent on finishing her studies in a fascinating environment. There, she meets Valor, the Ember Prince determined to keep the secrets of his clan.

Prince Valor is unaccustomed to having females in his clan. When his father tasks him with helping Luna in her studies of the embers he sets about doing his best to force her to leave. When Luna rises to his challenges he is forced to take extreme measures just to stop thinking about her.