Orin: The Protectorate Warriors Fated Mates Romance (The Protectorate Warriors Alien Fated Mates Book 2)

The Krilex and Unknown aliens are determined to destabilize the peace on the planet Alara.

With the increasing tension between Alaran’s citizens, Orin, a Protectorate Warrior, has chosen to stay on the homeworld to protect the king and queen. Not to mention to be close to the one female that makes him feel more emotion than he’s ever experienced. 

His mission is to spy on and expose enemy shapeshifters, all the while suppressing his growing connection with Olivia. Despite his unexpected deep feelings, Orin finds it challenging to open up to Olivia, as his fear of rejection consumes him.

Will he be able to push aside his insecurities and tell her she is his K’sha, while also protecting her from danger? And if she accepts him, will he be able to keep her happy?

Olivia, a pregnant former school teacher from Earth, now lives on Alara, the home of the Empire and the head of the Protectorate Alliance. Despite her sense of not fitting in the alien world, she is committed to building a future for herself and her child.

The moment she laid eyes on the dashing and intense warrior Orin aboard the spaceship Chetok, he has been constantly on her mind. Among all others, he is the one who has genuinely stolen her heart, but he does not share the same sentiment. He seems to avoid her whenever they cross paths.

Will she end up having to leave Alara for a human colony? Or will Orin speak to her before it’s too late?

This story has insta-love, some steam, and adult situations. With plenty of intrigue, excitement and hunky aliens. It is the second book in the Protectorate Warriors Series.




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